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Welcome to The Tea House, where creativity is always served with your Earl Grey.

Come on in!

16 September 1988
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Hello there, and welcome to The Tea House! I'm Heather, and this is my icon journal.
In My Life: canadiangirl16
Thoughts In Zero G: whisper_words

If you want to take an icon/banner, feel free to do so, but you must COMMENT and CREDIT theteahouse16 in the keywords of your icon. :) If you're taking a colourbar, please comment on the post. I really appreciate it!

When taking an icon or banner for yourself, please save it to your own computer for uploading and don't use up my bandwidth, thanks! If you are saving it for later use, put "theteahouse16" somewhere in the file name so you don't forget who to credit. :)

If you like what you see, or you know anyone who might like some of the icons I've made, spread the word!! You'll be highly regarded in my books if you link me in your userinfo. Here are some codes that you can use:


Thanks for visiting!
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